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Rose Brand


Rose Brand is the leading supplier of stage curtains, fabrics and other supplies to the theater industry. For years, Rose Brand's printed catalog was considered the industry bible, however as late as 2007, their on-line presence still appeared dated and ineffective.


  • Restage the e-commerce Web site on a new platform that enabled easy administrative capability for content, catalog, promotion and merchandising changes.
  • Elevate the look & feel of the brand on-line to sync with Rose Brand's category leadership status.
  • Integrate the Web site with the back-end financial system to automate the order process.
  • Build on-line sales through higher traffic and conversion.


Director Technology Partners undertook a phased approach to redeveloping the site that included:

Discovery / Requirements Analysis

Key stakeholders met to discuss and understand the objectives of the site, target audience and branding issues.


Wireframes were developed to map out features for the key pages of the site. Once approved, wireframes were used to develop alternative creative treatments of the brand for review. After client selected a creative direction, the remaining pages of the site were designed and approved for development.

Development, Testing & Launch

Development languages included C#, ASP.NET, HTML, and DHTML. SEO considerations were paramount in rebuilding page content and URL's. Page code and integration aspects were all tested before enabling a flawless launch.


While Rose Brand maintains the day-to-day catalog, content and merchandising changes to the site, Director Technology Partners remains engaged for desired code changes and new features development.


Rose Brand significantly increased its site traffic and more than doubled its online sales within a year of the new site implementation.



With the ever increasing migration of business from traditional channels to the Web, more and more niche markets have been penetrated by entrepreneurs interested in taking advantage of the trend. FindTape.com was developed to sell a broad array of adhesive tape products at discount prices to the commercial, educational and consumer markets.


  • Develop the best online resource for the purchase of adhesive tape products.
  • Minimize costs for development and customer acquisition in order to achieve profitability within a year after launch.
  • Utilize highly targeted mechanisms to generate traffic and new customers such as search engine optimization and search engine marketing.


Director Technology Partners developed the FindTape.com site to match the same functional, branding, creative and usability standards used by the most successful sites on the Web. The solution was based on customizing the FASER™ e-commerce platform, using Director Technology Partners' Rapid Development Approach™ methodology (RDA™).

RDA uses small, self-managed teams of highly experienced resources to quickly develop sites. In the case of FindTape.com, we used two individuals, an Architect/Engineer and a Web Designer. The initial step in the process established the goals, target audience, brand positioning, and features of the site. Based on this information, the Web Designer developed a brand logo, while the Architect/Engineer mapped out the site functionality and usability characteristics.

Subsequently, home page and secondary page design templates were created to establish the look and feel of the site. After some modifications and approval, the remaining pages of the site were designed. Based on the creative and functional design characteristics established, customization of the FASER e-commerce platform began, including the user interface and order management components.

The total project took 10 weeks from the establishment of site goals through design, development, testing and launch of the site.


FindTape achieved its goal of profitability well within a year of its launch based on the following:

  • Deployment of a best-of-breed e-commerce package that allowed easy modification to content, product catalog, merchandising and promotion aspects of the site.
  • Use of the Rapid Development Approach methodology to engage a highly efficient and cost effective development team.
  • Search engine optimization and efficient keyword buys that attracted new customers to the site.

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