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Director Technology Partners features the FASER™ e-commerce platform, a best-of-breed solution that provides a flexible, affordable, scalable, extensible and robust framework for doing business on the Web.

FASER provides all of the functionality that you'd expect from a high performance, high conversion e-commerce framework. A partial listing of features includes:

Site Controller

The SiteController administrative module enables marketers to quickly change aspects of the site without any technical assistance at all. This speeds cycle times to improve product sales, conversion and ROI. The SiteController module’s user-friendly interface facilitates:

  • Catalog Management – Enables modification to categories, category hierarchy, product classifications, product copy, pricing and features.
  • Merchandising Management – Automate or manage cross-sells and up-sells to improve average order size. Automatically recommend products that others purchased along with the user’s selected item, or that others viewed along with the selected item. Or use your own criteria to recommend products such as those with high margins, high inventory levels, best sellers, etc.
  • Promotion Management – Change the checkout pipeline to reflect a new discount, free shipping, a free gift with purchase and more.
  • Content Management – Manage store locations, FAQ’s, customer service information and any other content on the site. Schedule changes for the future and they automatically appear on the site at the designated time.
  • Personalization – Cater to user needs by serving-up customized content based on user profiles.
  • Order Management – Manage orders to accept, reject and ship product. Automate pick list and packing slip creation.
  • Quick View – Enable users to view in-depth product information and place items in the cart without navigating away from category or search results pages.

Search with SmartBrowse Filtering

Search by keywords and rapidly narrow to desired results through attribute filtering e.g., category, brand, price, color, etc. Correct for misspellings and synonyms.

Guest and Registered User Checkout

Allow both "guest" and registered user purchases to improve visitor conversion rates.

Order Status

Integrate with fulfillment systems to track order progress.

Shipping Status

Integrate to shipping carriers for real-time shipping charge calculation, estimated delivery time, address validation, and package tracking.

Easy Re-order

View previous order history and click to repurchase past orders.

Inventory Availability

Indicate in-stock or backorder status. Integrate to backend fulfillment systems for real-time, near real-time, or daily inventory updates as you prefer.

My Account

Aggregates personal information for quick and secure access.

Wish List

Saves desired products to a personal account for purchase at a later date.

Address Book

Saves names and shipping addresses for easy access and quicker checkout.

PCI / SOX compliance

Credit card information protected via encryption; user passwords are hashed. Other security elements include SSL for communication between client and server, and audit reports on successful and unsuccessful administrative logins and activity.

Reporting / Analytics / Performance Monitoring

Reports on sales, user registrations, wish list entries, active sessions, search engine keyword buys, inconsistent catalog data, system performance, and much more is included. Platform also enables easy integration to third-party systems such as WebTrends® for in-depth analytics.